First 1/3 Publishing Fee Received!

You will remember that the book publishing fee is 3 payments of $552. In order for TEACH Services to move forward, they must receive the money for each payment periodically. WE NOW HAVE THE DONATIONS to move forward with the 1st phase of publishing!!!

Generous donors have made this possible. If you have been meaning to help us by participating in this opportunity – making it possible for anyone to get a copy of God’s Triumphant Love (book, ebook, MP3, audio) – please do it NOW!

Go to the DONATE page (located on the legend above). There are several ways to get your donation to the right place. The PayPal link works just fine. If you’d rather write a check, you can send it to Carol, Brenda, or TEACH Services. I can also accept payments over the phone and can also slide the card. PayPal provided a card reader free of charge. I just had to fill out a form and answer questions over the phone.