Women’s Ordination

Women’s Ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist church is being decided this week at a General Conference session of world church leaders in Washington D.C.

Last May, world leaders met to discuss different viewpoints. Carol was invited to the meetings, which lasted several days. Very few are invited and fewer still are asked to speak. Carol was an observer and was reunited with many and became acquainted with other world leaders.

This week’s session last from M-F. One of the speakers had to bow out at the last minute. Carol was asked to fill the speaker’s spot! She will speak about ‘consensus’ for 30 minutes on Thursday! The speech has been written and submitted to the board. Carol is now at the convention.

I (Brenda) am so proud of my mother! She is now 75 years old and has been preparing for this week since 1966. Mother has years of education and experience. She has a way of powerful speaking, as many of you already know from her tapes and CDs.

Please pray that her speech will bring consensus to the global leaders as they decide on Women’s Ordination in the SDA church. Blessings to you & your loved ones.