The Seminar Speaker

Carol Zarska has a Master’s Degree in Religion and Pastoral Counseling. She has been an avid student of end-time events for nearly 50 years and is widely known in Seventh-day Adventist church circles as “the Sanctuary Lady” because of her authoring what is now known as the sanctuary prayer, a practical application of Old-Testament sanctuary principles in current prayer life.

Carol has been an American Christian Ministries speaker since 1984 with over 150 titles available. Her seminars have been recorded around the globe including those in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Toronto, and the U.S. Through careful research and prayerful study, Carol’s cutting edge messages focus on family healing and end-time events. They bring hope, encouragement, and focus to many people around the world.

Carol is still married to her high-school sweetheart, Ken. They have three grown children, a granddaughter, and two great-grandchildren. Carol and Ken live on a wooded mountaintop 90 minutes from D.C. and Baltimore. From her desk, Carol watches God’s creatures scurry about preparing nests for their offspring, demonstrating God’s matchless love for the least of His creations.


Sweethearts ’10


Grandmother & Charlise ’07

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