First 1/3 Publishing Fee Received!

You will remember that the book publishing fee is 3 payments of $552. In order for TEACH Services to move forward, they must receive the money for each payment periodically. WE NOW HAVE THE DONATIONS to move forward with the 1st phase of publishing!!!

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Brenda Surgery

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and the 2 disks below it are nearly non-existent. My surgeon said I am at the ‘end of the line’ as far as options for solving the problem. Vertebrae fusion surgery is necessary (spacers and nuts & bolts insertion).

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It’s Fixable

Happy Sabbath! Brenda Zarska, here. I want to share an experience I had 15 years ago when I was 36 yrs old. I hope my story will give you courage. If you have a story of encouragement, please send it to me at: I just might share it here!

I attended Ron & Nancy Rockey’s “Binding the Wounds” weekend in 1998. Because our church sponsored the event, individual participation was $25 which covered the workbook and other printed materials.  The only reason I attended was because it cost me out-of-pocket money.  I came to the first presentation with folded arms across my chest thinking, “Tell me something I don’t already know about myself.”  And they did.  My life was forever changed.

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Site Progress

Hi Guys, I just wanted to keep you posted with the site progress. The ‘donate‘ & ‘donor list’ pages are up & running. The ‘donate‘ link to the secure PayPal process is operational.

TEACH Services requires 3 equal payments of $552 for the publishing package. The first is needed to get the ball rolling in the Editing Department. Please specify if this is how you want your donation to be applied.

I will be working on a more sophisticated donation form, but for now, PayPal requires that you specify your donation amount. Credit cards work just fine with PayPal, if you’ve never used this system. I have used it many times. Your personal information is never viewed by me or anyone else associated with this site.

More updates soon! -brenda

Book Update

BookI trust you had a great Thanksgiving! Ken & Carol spent the holiday in Kansas with Brenda and visited Eric, too.

The publishing contract with TEACH Services was signed and sent. The next step is to find financing for the publishing package and for advertising.

An opportunity will soon be available for you to participate. Brenda is working on a fundraising page and a special donor page on this site. The PayPal ‘donate‘ button is up & running to make it easy for you to contribute securely.

Fundraising will be setup like any public TV, radio station, or symphony. Donors will be listed under labeled giving levels, unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous.

Carol was not able to get a 501(c)(3) for tax exemption from the government, yet. As you know, they make it very difficult, especially for religious purposes. So for now, your charitable giving will NOT be tax deductible.

Stay tuned for progress reports!

Thanksgiving 2013

ThanksgivingKen & Carol are spending this Thanksgiving with Brenda and Eric in Kansas. They live 1200 miles from the East Coast so it takes 2 days of travel by car – each way! Wendy LaLone, Carol’s sister Linda’s middle daughter, will travel there from Arkansas.

God’s richest blessings to your family – from ours!

Book Coming!

My 1st book is at the publishers TEACH Services. The book is titled “God’s Triumphant Love: Fall in Love with Jesus all Over Again!”

It’s is about the love relationship between God the Father, Jesus, and Lucifer; the fall, and God’s love for His children. The book is 12 chapters and includes a short appendix about Sanctuary Prayer.

Look for updates on the progress of my 1st book!

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